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  • The Travel Club Advantage

    Expert Assistance

    You pay wholesale not retail, saving you up to 40% off normal prices. Plus you get professional travel planning and reservations services and expertise, it's that simple.

    Our charter.

    Our charter is to save you money, and make sure you have a hassle-free holiday every time.

    Welcome to the "travel club advantage". We're a specialised, full-service, member-based travel agency. The advantage to you is you get professional service and pay less with industry-wholesale pricing.

    Book with Flight Centre, Helloworld, MTA or any other full service travel agency and you'll pay a huge markup.

    Shop on Trip-a-Deal, Luxury Escapes, My Fiji (and other "My" brands),, Hotels Combined, Trip Advisor etc, and you're paying full retail. That's right. Even though they might make it look like you are getting a bargain.

    The self-serve, online environment will only give you headaches and will take up a lot of your time. Read more...

    So, how do you get quality service and the best deal as well?

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    Product Review Service Ratings:

    Send us your competitor travel quote even if you're not yet a member. We'll beat the socks off it for you.

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    Start a no-obligation FREE travel club trial account with travel credits to get you started.

    World-wide Savings Guarantee

    Saving Guarantee

    Bring us a competitor quote and let us go to work for you.

    We guarantee to beat any competitor accommodation-only quote or travel package price or value by a minimum of 15%. Read more.

    Saving Guarantee

    World-wide savings Guarantee

    We guarantee to beat any competitor accommodation-only quote or travel package price or value by a minimum of 15% ("price-beat") as follows:

    Note: By requesting the price-beat you are under no obligation to place a booking with us or proceed with the final travel package as the case may be.


    We guarantee to provide at least 15% more total value or a price that is 15% lower than a competitor quote supplied to us for the same accommodation property, on the same conditions and with the same inclusions, provided we have access to be able to book the accommodation through our normal supplier channels. If we do not have access to that property we will offer an alternative that is of the same or higher strandard, as per our hotel rating system and that meets the stated requirements, subject to availability.


    Inclusions in travel and tour packages assembled by travel agents, tour companies, wholesalers, online travel promoters will all be different in some way. Packages will vary by inclusions, validity, suppliers, component type, standard, terms and conditions etc ("package components"). We will have access to most suppliers and types of inclusions as well as alternatives.

    Our objective in a price-beat situation is to assemble a package containing similar and/or higher standard package components to that which you present to us. We guarantee to offer at least 15% more total value or a price that is 15% lower than the competitor quote. Any package components that are exclusive to specific suppliers to which we do not have access will not be included. This guarantee does not apply to cruise-only bookings. Other conditions apply as follows.

    Terms & Conditions

    The above and following terms and conditions apply to travel plans and accommodation quotes requested from and supplied by Travel Directions Pty. Ltd. trading as Global Escapes Travel, Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club (Australian Escapes) and Kiwi Escapes and are subject to change without notice. These conditions are to be read in conjunction with our standard booking conditions.


    The price-beat must be requested before you place a booking with any other travel agent, online booking agent or property direct in relation to the subject accommodation or package.

    A price-beat may be requested by providing information regarding the competitor quote and your requirements to an employee of the company who performs a reservations or travel consultant role ("company contact") as follows:

    1. Information regarding an accommodation-only price-beat may be supplied by phone or email stating the name of the property and room type, where you saw the price (on what website, in what publication etc.)
    2. Information regarding a tour or travel package must be provided to us in the form of a written quotation by the competitor travel agent if applicable, or by supplying other written or photographic evidence containing full package details via email to the company contact.
    3. Your exact booking requirements including travel/booking dates, number and age of travellers and special requirements if any.

    A competitor quote presented under this guarantee must be genuine (not contrived). A competitor quote that we determine is not genuine is excluded.


    Your Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club membership must be Gold level or above and active/paid up at the time of requesting the price beat.

    3-month free trial.

    You're under no obligation to remain a member after the trial (although almost 85% do). Your investment to remain a member is from only $11 per month.

    Join from $11 per month.

    Join to accumulate "Getaway Cash" travel credits that you use to get your discounts. Each credit is worth one dollar. Bring us any retail travel quote and we'll reprice it using your travel credits for potentially huge savings.

    These Premium Travel Services are included...

    Why bother organising your own travel when you can "hire" professionals to do it, save time and pay the lowest possible price?

    Premium Services

    Our Premium Travel Services are available to you whenever you travel, paid for with your travel credits. Other full-service travel agents charge large fees for these services.

    • Travel planning services to source the best value and best quality travel
    • We make all booking arrangements for you saving you time and avoiding costly mistakes
    • Source lowest available airfares and make all flight booking arrangements
    • Quote and arrange best-value comprehensive travel insurance
    • Organise and confirm all travel as well as activities and transfer itineraries
    • Arrange seat allocations, in-flight meals and baggage as required
    • Customise, print and mail your itinerary
    • Give you Lonely Planet travel guides to help you make the most of each day of your overseas holidays
    • Provide 24 hour telephone support if you need last-minute assistance whilst overseas
    • Give you peace-of-mind and allow you to relax in the knowledge that everything has been done correctly

    Australian Escapes personnel are trained, professional travel staff. They will advise you and take care of every detail. The real value to you is you not only receive an exceptional value package, you can just turn up at the airport with your bags ready to enjoy your holiday without a care.

    300% Value Guarantee.


    Our guarantee of value is that we will save you at least three times your membership investment in genuine discounts measured as travel credits used. This is called the "Value Guarantee Level" of travel credits usage. Bonus travel credits are in addition.

    If you don't use the membership or you don't use at least the Value Guarantee Level for savings during your membership then we will renew your membership, and roll-over 100% of your credits balance, for up to another 2 years for free. If your membership was a free conversion to a GCash Membership then no Value Guarantee applies.

    Member feedback...

    Read what members have to say about our service...

    "Just to let you know what a wonderful holiday we had in Canada/Alaska thanks to Ben. He did a great job with our Travel Itinerary everything went to plan I would recommend Australian Escapes and this holiday to my friends and family we are definitely going to do this holiday again. I did give Ben a ring and thanked him and told him what a great job he did. We are looking forward to our next holiday with Australian Escapes." Rosanna M.

    "I was one of the ladies who went with Cherrie to Norfolk. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and thought you did a marvellous job organising it all for us. The accommodation in both Sydney and Norfolk was outstanding - I had never been to either places before and could have stayed much longer in Sydney, as the view from our hotel windows was wonderful. Everyone on Norfolk was so friendly and nothing was ever too much trouble. Thank you so much for making our holiday so enjoyable." Jan W.

    "Hi, have finally returned. Wonderful, wonderful trip. We think we loved Paris and its age/artworks but all was full of laughter fun and learning. Paris apartment was beautiful, & quiet when windows were closed, which wasn't bad anyway. The street is full of lots of restaurants and cafe's. (we also loved Shakespeare & co bookshop.) Fruit and chocolates in most rooms and champagne which I think we only drank in Brussels. we were ready for bed everywhere else though we almost had it for morning tea at Amsterdam on check in. Magnificent. Cheers." Val C.

    "Have just returned from our wonderful trip to the UK. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your organisation, we had the best holiday ever, an absolutely marvellous time, the tour was magnificent. We would recommend the Trafalgar Britain and Ireland Winter delights tour to anyone who wants to do adventurous travel, learning about other countries, and making friends. The coach was actually over half full of Aussies! Thanks so much for organising such a memorable holiday for us." Lee D.

    "Deb and I are very grateful for the work you have put into our holiday. 10 days in and we are blown away by the quality and location of the motels and apartments. Many thanks." Jen W.

    "My husband and I have recently returned from a holiday to Canada and Alaska booked through Australian Escapes. The itinerary was planned to take in all aspects of the holiday we required. The travel transfers worked seamlessly and the accommodation was at a standard that met our expectations of comfort and location. We absolutely loved the cruise and surprise upgrade to our stateroom. From our experience with this recent trip I would recommend Australian Escapes." Margaret & Bill T.

    "We've arrived back safely after a thoroughly enjoyable trip where all the arrangements ran like clockwork, for which we want to thank you and your team, especially Sonya and Skye. We'd have no hesitation in recommending you and Volga Dream cruises to anyone who asks. Kind regards and thanks again." Irene and Blake S.

    "I want to thank you for all the accommodation you arranged for us during our holiday in North Queensland in August. It was all excellent. The transfers went very smoothly too and we couldn’t have been more pleased with our holiday. Thank you for making everything so easy." Gloria K.

    "My life has been like a whirlwind since I got back. I am now on holidays and catching up with people that I have not had time to contact since coming back. Thank you so much for organising my trip to The States and Canada for me. I had a great time and everything went really well. All flights went well. The hotel you booked me into in Champaign was a really old home with beautiful gardens, all done up and run by two gay guys. It was really quaint and I loved it. I had a great time, everything went without a hitch, I loved all the accommodation that you organized for me and I would like to wish you a happy Christmas and all the best." Marlene S.

    "A message of thanks to you and your staff. The holiday went off without any problems and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and and had a wonderful time. Again many thanks." Dianne D.

    "We are back and rested after a hectic few weeks (away), but everything worked out extremely well. Thanks so much for all your organisation – once you get used to the trains and buses, life becomes easy. Once again, thanks to you and the team for all the organisation from both Lorraine and I – we really enjoyed the holiday. All the best." Bob C.

    "We just wanted to let you know that the arrangements you put in place for us in WA worked beautifully. You said the Margaret River accommodation was exceptional and it certainly was both in terms of location and facilites. Thanks again." Betty and Clancy S.

    More reviews...

    Read more reviews from Product below. Please be sure to read management comments on negative reviews to get a balanced perspective.