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* All prices are per-person on a twin-share basis and bookings are subject to availability. Price, Getaway Cash travel credit usage, Free Flights Voucher usage and deposit amount varies according to travel date. All prices are estimates only. A firm quote (travel plan) with payment terms will be submitted for consideration prior to agreement to proceed. Full booking terms and conditions are available here.

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This is a first-class travel itinerary that's fully flexible. Want more or fewer days or you want to include a special destination or activity? No problem, we’ll customise a travel plan for you.

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Inclusions list:

Carefully selected accommodation:

Hotel standards

Read about our accommodation rating standards and the methods used to assess quality.

Fully customisable:

This itinerary is fully customisable to suit your requirements. Your personal travel consultant is available to discuss changes and additions that will enhance your travel experience.

* All prices are per-person on a twin-share basis and bookings are subject to availability. Price and deposit amount varies according to travel date. If flights are shown as included then a flight cost provision (allowance) applies and is based on travel from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Travel can be arranged from any other major centre and for any number of people. All prices shown are estimates only. A firm quote (travel plan) with payment terms will be submitted for consideration prior to agreement to proceed. Total price after member discount (using Getaway Cash credits and Australian Escapes Free Flights Vouchers if applicable) is generally payable as follows: Deposit on booking, balance 120 days prior to departure. Packages can be priced for families and groups on request. Standard (retail) price comparisons are with similar packages offered elsewhere or what would be payable by a non-member for the same package. Travel insurance if included is a provision only and may be declined on requestTravel insurance pricing if stated is based on comprehensive travel insurance for two travellers aged 69 years or less as at the date of departure from Australia. No recommendations or advice are given in regard to travel insurance suitability. Travel Directions Pty Ltd (t/as Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club) standard booking terms and conditions apply to all booking enquiries and bookings and are available here to view (or visit our website and go to either the "Booking Enquiry" or "About Us" menu item.)

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"Travel isn't always pretty. It isn't always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that's okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind." - Anthony Bourdain

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FAQ's for This Package

General Tour Package FAQ's

Yes, the idea of our tour packages is to get you to the destinations on the itinerary where you can stay with the main group or go off on your own if you prefer. Flexibility is the essential ingredient.

Yes, however please ensure that you mention this requirement so we can be certain that arrangements are made where needed. You do need to be traveling with a person who will provide personal assistance.

Yes, and if rain is forecast you should be prepared with a compact umbrella or rainproof jacket as preferred.

Yes we do. Dietary requirements affect included set meals and will be taken into consideration during the planning process.

All tours can be operated on a "Group-guided" basis. A complete "Tour Manager Notes & Guide" manual is supplied to the group leader (trip organizer). Included is a comprehensive daily itinerary, driver instructions and information about each part of your tour to enable you to provide entertaining commentary. Also included are checklists and reminders about daily tasks. The end-result is easy-flowing trip organisation, fewer issues and very happy tour participants. Overall it means less stress and a lot more fun for everyone.

If a tour director is supplied in an example tour package it will be shown as an inclusion. But this is very flexible and if not included as standard, can be arranged if preferred. If you are part of a social group such as Probus, the trip organiser will often enjoy taking on this role. We provide comprehensive information and guidance for "hands-on" trip organisers. This includes a "how-to" guide and starter information about the places visited on the tour.

Yes, definitely. All charter tour packages are simply "templates" as a starting point for customising a tour to suit. We then we apply the discounts available to you, your club or corporate group.

All tour packages are flexible. Various options are already published. (See the Pricing section for the tour you are interested in.) "Join departure" tour types are tours where you can join a tour group leaving on various departure dates. This suit couples and singles. If you represent a club or other group, please click the "Enquiry" button to request pricing for an exclusive charter to suit your group.

See a list of standard inclusions on the package details page. Some packages have two or three different package classes with different inclusions. Select the optional package class to see included activities. Optional activities are shown separately. Your travel consultant will discuss optional activities with you so you can decide what to include or leave out of your itinerary. You can also swap and change activities. A price variance might apply.

"Self-guided" (self-drive) is a trip designed for singles, couples and groups of up to 8 people (such as two to four couples) traveling together using a single car or 7 to 12-seater van depending on group size. It means that you drive yourself on the trip. "Group-guided" means the tour is for a larger group on a bus with a professional driver and the group leader (trip organizer) as tour director. A professional tour director can be supplied if required. A "fully-guided" bus tour is operated by a driver-guide or tour director. There are usually preset departures that you can join. Fully-guided tours can also be arranged exclusively for a group and this is called a "group charter".

One of the challenges in managing tour groups is making sure everyone can hear what is being said. Audio-guide equipment enables the tour guide or manager to communicate via microphone and headset with all members of the tour group. For groups of 12 or more a tour-guide system is recommended.

We will recommend accommodation to meet your preferences. All accommodation is selected using our exclusive hotel rating system. You can then change the accommodation if preferred. Often you will also have a choice of accommodation types at the recommended accommodation properties. We'll find out your preferences in the early stages of planning your trip.

FAQ: Single, twin-share and more

What is twin-share, triple-share and quad-share?

The share-basis is about accommodation pricing. It does not mean that you share a room with a stranger.

"Twin-share" is where two people occupy a hotel room (open-plan style) or other accommodation such as an apartment, usually a couple or two friends. This is the normal way accommodation is priced. The price is shared between two people. Most accommodation properties (eg. hotels) offer rooms with king, queen or double beds. Most offer the option of "twin" beds as well which actually means two single beds to accommodate singles sharing, couples wanting space and so-on.

"Triple share" is where three people occupy the accommodation and share the price. "Quad-share" is where four people occupy the accommodation and share the price. Family apartments and hotel rooms usually include a king, queen or double bed and one or more single beds to handle triple and quad-share arrangements. Sometimes other bedding configurations are available as well.

What is a seasonal adjustment?

Some accommodation providers, especially in very popular holiday locations, have higher room rates for busy holiday periods (usually spring and summer holidays). We must make an allowance for those price variations if applicable.

What is a single supplement?

A "single supplement" applies to single travellers who want a room to themselves. Because the price is not shared, a "single supplement" applies. This additional amount is based on the single covering the entire accommodation component of the trip that would normally be split between two or more people.